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Constellation Vision System, ALCON (USA)

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Constellation Vision System sets a new standard for control over surgery. The combination of high-speed Ultravit vitreotomes with a controlled surgeon duty cycle, IOP control, improved xenon lighting and V-LOCITY performance components provides a high level of performance.Constellation b

Specifications CONSТELLATION VisionSystem:

Ultravit® 5,000 rpm highly effective vitreotomes, with a working cycle controlled by the surgeon, reduces the likelihood of iatrogenic ruptures and postoperative complications:

  • Allow the surgeon to work as close to the retina without traction;
  • Dual pneumatic drive provides up to 5000 rpm or more;
  • Increased versatility allows you to be a multifunctional tool;
  • Available sizes are 20, 23 and 25+ Ga.

Surgeon-controlled work cycle. 
High-speed, customizable surgeon's work cycle is a special feature of the Constellation Vision System, which allows you to experience the variety and control of functions at the same time.
Controlling the flow, regardless of the vacuum and frequency of cuts, the surgeon can do more:

  • Accuracy and confidence in the most complex procedures;
  • Increase the frequency of cuts and control of aspiration;
  • Choose the optimal duty cycle mode: "core" (port is mostly open), 50/50 and "shaving" (the port is mostly closed).

Stable IOP control. With the setting of real-time infusion control, the Constellation Vision System allows you to monitor and stabilize IOP: 

  • Non-invasive flow sensor is a patented Alcon technology;
  • Compensates and provides control of infusion pressure;
  • It provides an opportunity to maintain eye stability at a high level.

The Vitreoretinal Microcutting Surgery System (MIVS) (from Alcon), which includes a complete collection of surgical instruments, provides unparalleled diversity, stability and control to cope with the requirement of vitreoretinal surgery.

  • Toolkit for microsections provides better access to the interior of the eye in complicated situations;
  • Instruments of smaller dimensions require smaller incisions and are less traumatic to the eye;
  • Allow faster recovery of visual functions against the background of better patient comfort;
  • Valve cannulas ensure the closure of the system for a true control of IOP in all situations.

Torsion grip Ozil creates patented oscillatory ultrasonic movements from side to side. This technology, which has no repulsive effect, is the new standard of cataract removal efficiency:

  • It facilitates the occlusion and efficient delivery of energy to the fragments of the nucleus;
  • Reduces the dispersion of kernel fragments;
  • Provides an improved thermal safety profile;
  • Creates the basis for effective microcoaxial cataract surgery.


Adjusting the parameters of surgery Constellation Vision System is a simple and clear procedure:

  • ENGAUGE RFID automatically recognizes any device attached to the device;
  • Color coding and the system of chip-connectors excludes any errors;
  • The barcode scanner guarantees the accuracy of reports;
  • The initial system configuration at the touch of a button speeds up the preparation of the system for use;
  • Video help allows the user to prepare the system faster and without errors.
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