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лазерная система

Purpose of the laser

Excimer laser SCHWIND AMARIS 500E (manufactured by German company SCHWIND) embodied the best technological innovations in the field of creating systems for laser correction of vision. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the high efficiency and safety of AMARIS 500E for a wide range of tasks to improve the quality of vision.

Features of the laser

The SCHWIND AMARIS 500E laser has many technological innovations and features:

  • High ablation rate - 500 Hz - significantly reduces the time of laser energy exposure to the cornea of ​​the eye;

  • Ultra-precise tracking of the position of the operated eye with a frequency of 1050 Hz in five dimensions (5-D technology). The tracking device 1050 times a second checks the position of the eye and ensures that laser pulses arrive precisely at the calculated location. This automatically corrects the position of the eye in five dimensions;
  • Automatic adjustment of the energy of the laser pulses (Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment) at two energy levels: high - for basic processing - and low - for fine grinding and obtaining a perfectly smooth surface of the cornea;
  • Innovative technology of temperature control (Intellegent Thermal Effect Control) allows to avoid damage to tissues surrounding the cornea (the temperature rises by no more than 4 degrees C);
  • The control of the torsion rotation of the eye relative to the optical axis (fifth dimension) compensates for the change in the position of the eye when the patient sits and when he lies;
  • Automatic and continuous control over the size of the pupil. The illumination of the eye is automatically adjusted to keep the pupil size equal to the size of the eye during the operation;
  • Unique software ORK-CAM, allowing to perform operations taking into account all the individual features of the patient's eye. Aspheric ablation profiles are used;
  • Technology PALK-CAM allows you to safely and highly accurately plan operations for keratoplasty;

  • Built-in high-resolution online pachymetry system, providing continuous monitoring of the thickness of the cornea before, during and after the laser operation;
  • Innovative system for removing microparticles formed during the operation. A thin, uniform flow of air, washing the surface of the eye at a height of 40 mm from the surface of the cornea, removes all particles that impede the flow of energy, and creates the best microclimate for the corneal tissues;

  • Specially developed for excimer lasers, a top-class operating microscope with realistic contrast and natural colors allows the doctor to fine-tune the position of the eye for surgery; 
  • Built-in compact slit lamp, moving along two axes throughout the working area, allows you to monitor the position of the flap immediately after the operation.

Laser vision correction on the SCHWIND AMARIS 500E is the achievement of accurate and stable results in conditions of increased comfort, safety and reliability.

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