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Child’s vision needs close attention and annual examinations.

In order to make the child’s vision diagnosis and treatment more efficient and comfortable, a special diagnostic and treatment stimulating apparatus complex has been developed at OPTIMED. The complex includes:

  • Microprocessor electric stimulation.
  • Photic visual analyzer stimulation.
  • Consolidating therapy for eyes.
  • Exercises for the reserves of accommodation.

The apparatus treatment complex is prescribed individually and after a full diagnosis. As a rule, about ten procedures are required. The complex application improves the vision acuity, the visual comport level, strengthening the ciliary muscle.

Apart from regular annual examinations of the child’s vision organ, it is recommended to consult the center specialists in case of the following diagnoses:

  • Accommodation spasm (false myopia).
  • Computer asthenopia (“display syndrome”).
  • Shortsightedness (myopia) of a mild or average grade.
  • Distance vision (hypermetropia).
  • Heterotrophy and amblyopia (vision reduction due to an abnormal refraction without evident anatomic eye disorders).
  • Astigmatism.
  • Binocular and stereoscopic vision disorders.
  • Atrophic optic nerve (the vision acuity is > 0.1).

The OPTIMED team makes everything to provide and save a good sense of vision, the child’s eye regular position. An attentive and professional child’s ophthalmologist will provide help for it.

  • PEDIATRIC DIAGNOSIS vision test. Initial consultation

    55,00 BYN
  • PEDIATRIC DIAGNOSIS vision test. Return visit

    45,00 BYN
  • 0,00 BYN
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  • Ilkevich Rita Iosifovna

    Children's doctor, ophthalmologist of the first category., Минск

  • Salnikova Svetlana Aleksandrovna

    Children's doctor-ophthalmologist of the first category, Минск

  • Autorefkeratometer RC-5000, Tomey (Japan)

    A device for quick and accurate diagnosis of the eye...

  • AL 3000, Tomey (Japan)

    A device for measuring many parameters of the eye (eye length, lens thickness, anterior chamber depth, cornea thickness, etc.)...

  • Keratotopograph-aberrometer Keratron Scout, SCHWIND (Germany)

    Designed to carefully study the topographic picture of the cornea...

  • Optical coherent biometer IOL Master 500, Carl Zeiss (Germany)

    Measures the length of the eye, the curvature of the cornea and the depth of the anterior chamber...

  • Polarizing panel of characters TCP-3000P, Tomey (Japan)

    TCP-3000P - designed to test the patient's visual acuity, refraction and stereo vision of the eye, to test color perception.

  • Ultrasonic A / V Scanner and Biometer UD-6000, Tomey (Japan)

    Modern ultrasound ophthalmic equipment...

  • Slit lamp SL-120 Carl Zeiss (Germany)

    SL-120 slit lamp for biomicroscopy of the anterior segment of the eyeball ...


    Allows you to conduct surveys of children from the age of three months ...

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